Ghost Rabbit


Lost Canadians?

One of the horrific legacies of the Stephen Harper-led government that hurts working Canadians.  I'm sure they thought they were discriminating against "immigrants" but the law hurts Canadians.  It's a Canadian law.  When will governments learn that discrimination is not the way?

Personal Finance Tools

I have been able to narrow some of the basics that we need in order to be able to successfully navigate and participate in the current social climate in which we live.  While I wouldn't give it the top priority among the three, I think Financial Health is a basic social need today.  If you … Continue reading Personal Finance Tools

A Perspective on Autism and Relationships

I just read a New York Times wellness blog article which provides a very interesting perspective on Autism and Relationships.  It details the enlightenment of a parent whose child is on the autism spectrum.  It's definitely a great article because it provides a lesson that I think we can all benefit from if we apply … Continue reading A Perspective on Autism and Relationships

Anti-social Media

I can't stand to look at Facebook or Instagram for too long these days.  "Social interactions" in these forums seem more like one ad campaign or the other. "Privacy" means even your own thoughts, ideas and words don't end up belonging to you; at least while they remain captured on some hidden secured server.  So … Continue reading Anti-social Media